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    Hi Thami,
    Just wanted to give a quick correction request to the map! :) It's absolutely superb except for one little name change. Could you rename "Carnatica" to "Carnatic" (without the last "a"), since it's not historically correct. There was never a region called Carnatica (Karnataka on the other hand is another region altogether). Carnatic or "The Carnatic" is the correct term. Thanks in advance! Can't wait till March 3rd, I've been an avid fan since the original Shogun, I knew this was the start of something great!!
    Roshan image
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    I am going to buy you and all the CA Staff a round of beers at the pub when this game is finished. Cheers Mate!
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    Joker II

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    I really think it's great you guys are so involved with the forum, top notch if you ask me image